Objectives, Strategies, Committees and Responsibilities

General Objective:
That the Vincentian Family, together with the rest of the Church and the world, give homage to St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac as witnesses to and examples of love and service of the poor.

Specific Objectives:
We give homage to SVP and SLM when we:

  • Deepen the spirituality of our Vincentian charism.
  • Celebrate with the Church and the world their heritage.
  • Promote the love and service of the poor through concrete action(s) in partnership with other organizations of Church and society.

To create committees that will take responsibility for the attainment of the specific objectives. These committees are: Heritage, Celebration, Projects, and two auxiliary committees, namely the Secretariat and the Finance. The Executive Coordinating Committee serves as the link between the committees and the Vincentian Family International Heads group. (cf. Organizational Structure).


– Heritage:
To realize Specific Objective no. 1, this Committee may:

1. Organize ongoing formation sessions on Vincentian history, spirituality and experiences with the poor.
Possible Activities:

  • Meetings
  • Formation sessions
  • Colloqiums
  • Symposiums

2. Organize an “International School of Evangelization (cf. Appendix 1)
3. Organize tours of historical sites (Paris, Berceau, etc.) related to SVP and SLM – Celebration (Paris & Rome):
To realize Specific Objective no. 2, these Committees may:
1. Organize the celebrations in Paris (March 2010) and Rome (September 2010)
Possible Activities:

  • Church recognition of a “Year of Charity”
  • Special prayers for the occasion

2. Invite the poor, the youth, our friends, benefactors, collaborators, etc. – Projects:
To realize Specific Objective no. 3, this Committee may:
1. Suggest a specific project or projects for the poorest of the poor where various groups in the Vincentian Family may work together on the international level
2. Give recognition or awards to outstanding projects for the poor
Possible Activities:

  • Form screening committee
  • Grant awards on Mar. 15 & Sept. 27, 2010

– Secretariat
This Committee will:
1. Assist the various committees in their tasks, particularly in the communication and dissemination of information.
Possible Activities:

  • Publications of symposium materials
  • Internet page on 350th Anniversary
  • Commemorative albums, medals, etc.

2. This committee will assist the Executive Committee in coordinating the activities of the celebration. – Finance
This Committee will:
1. Coordinate with the various committees on their respective budgets.
2. Help raise funds, first for the expenses of the committees, and then for the project(s) and awards agreed upon by the VF.
Possible Activities:

  • Fund-raising dinners, concerts, art-shows, etc.
  • Meetings with foundations and aid-granting institutions
  • Representation before UN and other international organizations

N. B. Each Committee is to choose its own secretary who will be responsible in communicating with the Secretariat, Finance Committee and the Executive Coordinators.

The Vincentian Family International Heads

1. In order to become better acquainted with the various groups and associations in our Vincentian Family, the VF International Heads may organize gatherings with newer members of VF or invite them to the annual meeting of Vincentian International Heads
2. It will decide on the common collaborative project(s) of the VF on the international level.
3. It will decide on the recipients of the awards to be given on the occasion of this celebration.
4. It will organize an International Secretariat for Vincentian Volunteers (cf. Appendix 1)

Heritage Committee: Hugh O’Donnell C.M. Chair, José Carlos Fonsatti C.M. Sylvie de Larminat (AIC), Louise Sullivan D.C. Angeles Infante D.C. Carmen Victoria Ruiz de Toro D.C. Mariana Gruber D.C. Socorro Evidente D.C. Gloria Aniebonam D.C. Marcelo Manimtim C.M.

Celebration Committee

Rome: Giuseppe Guerra C.M. Chair, Eugenio Gioia C.M. Yvon Sabourin RSV, Marco Betemps (SSVP), Sabina Guastadisegni DC.
Paris: Bernard Schoepfer C.M. Co-chair, Antoinette-Marie Hance D.C. Co-chair, Jean Cherville (SSVP), Pascale Lepeu (AIC), Bernadette Prevot D.C.

Secretariat: Claudio Santangelo C.M. Co-Chair, Julio Suescun C.M. Ana María Olmeda D.C. Co-Chair, Marie Claire Narainen D.C. (Rome), Annabelle Escoto D.C. (Paris Secretariat), Denise El Khoury (JMV)

Finance Committee: John Gouldrick C.M. Co-Chair, Giuseppe Carulli C.M. Rita Ferri D.C., Co-Chair, Soledad Garcia D.C. Mark McGreevy (De Paul International)

Projects Committee: Anne Sturm (AIC), Chair, Robert Maloney C.M. Joseph Foley C.M. Michael Thio (SSVP), Mari Carmen Lupiañez (MISEVI), Ellen Flynn D.C. Pascale Le Thi Triu D.C. Zenaide Rahelinirina D.C.

[A similar structure may be set up on the Continental Level, National Level, or Local Level]


Detailed proposals for the 350° anniversary of Founder’s death 2010
1.  International school of evangelization
Objective: training of evangelizers according to the principles of the “New Evangelization” in the framework of VF (laics, priests, sisters)

Addressers: max 30 people who have been in the VF for at least 3 years
Duration: 1 o 2 months

Methods: systemic and lab approach of the evangelization according to the following guidelines:

  • Charismatic education of FV
  • Biblical education
  • Theological educazion
  • Missionary education
  • Educators: priests, laics, nuns on the FV, evangelization’s tesimonies, members of other school of evangelization.

Where: Roma, Casa Immacolata DC as the evangelization place of the apostles Peter and Paul (visit to the evangelization sites) or The Berceau de St Vincent de Paul…or in Paris.
Costs: 1-month stay, speakers’ salary, secretary; these costs would be covered by the fees.

2.  International Vincentian Volunteers secretary
Objective: give the opportunity to the members of VF to experience international volunteer activities within the DC and CM premises (3-6 -12 months) from the departure up to the return home (talking with the volunteer, choice of the premise, arrangements with the premise’s chief, information about the sojourn, the travelling etc.)
Addressers: VF laics or other volunteers of 2 years at least.
Where: Roma or  Paris

3.  Vincentian’s Expo
Objective: promote and diffuse Vincentian culture, propose the charisma, vocational proposal.
Expo partecipants: VF artists, representatives of different branches of the VF
Artists’ stands:
Arts: (paintings, sculptures, music, icons illustrating Vincentian characters or charisma)
Literature: (books representing Vincentian characters or charisma, VF Saints’ biographies, International congresses papers for the 350°..)
Massmedia: (documentaries, videoclip on Vincentian charisma, blogs, website)
Stands of different branches of the VF
Stands meetings, proposals, promotion
Duration: 3 days to be located after an international event proposed for the 350° ( meeting, symposium, celebration etc….)

Invite all the VF artists at the Expo
Invite the chiefs of the VF branches to take part to the Expo
Identify 2 people responsible for the organization of the Expo
Give delivery deadlines
Propose one or two prizes for the most beautiful work of art
Advertise the event according to the procedures of the Municipality where the event takes place
Where: Roma or……. In a local level…
Costs: all costs are on the VF branches. Prizes can be scholarships, fees …